ASSURE = a calma, a linisti ; a incredinta (de ceva) – a ajuta pe cineva sa treaca peste o grija, o teama

  • I assure you that English is not the most difficult thing in the world. J

ENSURE =  to make sure; a (se) asigura; a garanta, a promite (to guarantee)

  • Your hard work will ensure that you’ll speak English correctly.

In engleza americana, “ensure” se foloseste adesea in locul lui “insure”.

INSURE = a asigura (un bun)

  • We have to insure our cars and houses according to our income.

Substantive derivate


ASSURANCE are sensul corespunzator lui “assure” – asigurare, siguranta

  • The police gave her assurances that her husband was alive.

In engleza britanica se foloseste uneori “life assurance” ca si alternativa pentru “life insurance”.

INSURANCE este termenul folosit pentru a descrie toate celelalte tipuri de asigurare

  • Investing in a good insurance may be a good idea, but it depends on our income.

Observatie: NU avem un substantiv care sa derive din “ensure” (ensurance)

Mai este insa un verb care porneste de la “assure” – “reassure” – a calma (in repetate randuri).

  • There was a thunderstorm and during all that time I tried to reassure my dog, that was really afraid of thunders.

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