LATTER – al doilea din 2 persoane/obiecte mentionate, cel din urma  (the last named)

(the former and the latter)

John and Mary came there. The latter was very angry.

We’ve brought a pen and a book. We received the latter from our uncle.

!! daca nu am mentionat inainte persoanele/obiectele => the first, the second

We’ve brought two books; the first is a SF book and the second is a travel book.

!! daca avem serie de 3 sau mai multe, => the LAST (the first)

I liked all the three places. The first was London, the second was Birmingham and the last was Brighton.

!! A nu se confunda LATTER cu LATER (mai tarziu)

LAST – ultimul (adj); ultima data (adv); a dura (verb)

This is the last thing we have to do.

She was very pretty when I last saw her.

I hope winter won’t last long.

At last = in cele din urma, in final (finally)

At least = cel putin

Last, but not least = ultimul, dar nu cel din urma

The matter should be considered socially, economically, and last but not least, politically.

LATEST – ultimul, cel mai nou (adj, adv, subst)

At the (very) latest = cel tarziu, cel mai tarziu

The latest discoveries are amazing.

LATELY – recent, in ultima vreme = recently; of late (adj, adv) = recently

Many discoveries have been made lately.

LASTLY = in the end, finally; in conclusion (la inceputul unei prop)

Lastly, he put on his shoes and went out.

Lastly, I would like to thank all of you for making this possible.

LEAST – cel mai putin, cel mai mic

Little – less – the least

The least expensive car can be the worst.

That’s the least problem we have.

Tradu in limba engleza urmatoarele propozitii, folosind cuvintele din videoclip:

1. Cel mai putin interesant lucru pe care-l poti face este sa te uiti la TV.

2. Cel putin, poti sa mergi la plimbare.

3. Cea mai noua tendinta  in sport este…. sa faci un sport.

4. Am incercat asta de multe ori in ultima vreme.

5. Am mers la alergat si la dans. Primul a fost ingrozitor, dar mi-a placut al doilea.

6. M-am gandit de ce sport mi-ar placea sa ma apuc, si am aflat ca sa fac un sport este ultimul lucru pe care vreau sa-l fac.

7. In final, m-am hotarat ca sportul este pentru persoanele active si activitatea mea preferata este cititul unei carti. Ei, bine, e si el un sport, unul pentru minte 🙂

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