OVER    vs   ABOVE

1. Inaltime / pozitie

over = above

The thief raised his arms over/above his head.

His new flat is over/above a baker’s.

There was a picture over/above the bed.


OVER  = > lucruri in mișcare

You mustn’t climb over the school fence.

Lots of clouds were passing over the city.

Because he was running, he knocked over some flower pots.

The milk spilled over.

ABOVE  =>  locatie, nu mișcare

They all admired the stars above.

The child is fascinated by the clouds above.

You can call us at the number mentioned above.

Students can find the university at the address shown above.

The admission will be according to the above-mentioned conditions.

2. Cu numere.

Over = more than

There were over 50 people at the party.

She has over 30 dresses .

I think I receive over 40 emails a day.

The fur coat cost over 10,000 pounds.


ABOVE  => temperaturi / numere in relație cu zero / media

It’s five degrees above zero.

This melon is above average in weight.

(It’s  already  above/over  30  degrees!)


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